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Backstage ensemble

Ruddigore. Finale Act 1.

Ruddigore. One of our blameless dances.

Ruddigore. Act 2.
aladdin scene1
The Aladdin Picture Gallery

The Magic Toyshop

The Japanese Print.A tragi-comedy by Eric Bramall

Marionette Cabaret The Kruschen Sisters

Marionette Cabaret The Gypsy Violinist

Marionette CabaretThe Ghost Walks

Backstage technicality

Women of the World Queen Bess

The Mikado Three Little Maids

The Sleeping Princess

Eric Bramall and Chris Somerville

Macbeth Eric sets the scene.

Behind the scenes. Just a few of the three thousand puppets.

Eric Bramall with two harlequins
A puppet works a puppet. Circa 1965